Nolen is the Prince of Anatoly after the death of Queen Rincarel Bolt. His mother, Miranda Novacula, becomes the next Queen, making him a Prince. He is also a Mage wielding the Element of Air at an unknown Class. While his mother sits on the throne of Anatoly, Nolen commands the Anatolian armies as their Commander-Prince. However, he is not a good swordsman and relies on his Element to win his battles. Since he is an Air Mage, the Air Guard is especially loyal to him.

In The Castrofax, Nolen and the Air Guard attack and capture Gabriel Lenis. This is in response to a request by Ryker Slade as a sort of payment for helping Nolen to overthrow his mother and attain the throne of Anatoly. Later, Nolen and Gabriel retieve the Silex from its hidden location with the help of Nolen's sister, Kindle, and some other Mages from Arconia.